Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Morning

Getting ready to head in to have our final production meeting for the weekend. The good news is we have already received the message via video stream from Mark in Africa, so this weekend will be a lot less stressful than last - since we were still downloading the message at 4:30 last Saturday!

Here's the weekend's song line up:
Hear Our Praises
Blessed Be Your Name
City of God
I Need You
My Everything

I am praying that we have an awesome breakthrough in worship this weekend. It is so heavy on my heart that people are in need of an authentic encounter with Holy Spirit this weekend. I am trying to submit and wait on God instead of pushing and trying to make it happen myself. But, when I feel that God is ready to do something special, I get so pumped! I am praying today that God will give me clear direction on what to say and how to lead the service so He gets a lot of glory. Pray with and for me if you get the chance!


Ben and Claudia said...

Brother - tonight rocked...the worship and the worship team was awesome as it lead us into an encounter was God

Buckals said...

Hey Donald,
I was at the 11 AM serice today and it was AWESOME!!! You did good!!! I am 59 years old and I LOVE the music. Todays worship was sooooooooo moving, I felt like my heart was going to burst. Thanks and God Bless

dubblewide said...

Seriously, my Birthday was Saturday. Not even a card huh? Oh, well... :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like God is answering our prayers! Praying for this weekend!
Appreciate you and the team!