Monday, June 23, 2008

Student Life - Day 1

Well, we made it to Windermere in Missouri. Chris, Zach, Seth and I started out early (up @ 4:45) this morning to catch our flights here.
We were an hour late for sound check and changed a bunch of songs from our original song list when we got here, but the first day went well. Preparing for worship tonight was a bit stressful, but as we were preparing the guys and I stopped and spent some time praying. It was awesome to remember that we are not here leading worship for 1100 students so they can think we are cool, but we are doing it so God will get the glory. During our prayer time each one of us voiced our desire for Him to be the center of attention and I think He honored that.
Please pray for the four of us, our families as we are gone and the students, leaders and staff that are here with us this week.
More later...

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David Ruhman said...

Hey, I was at Student Life Camp at Windemere, MO. Loved your work (the band was awesome too). You mentioned several times that you had a CD, but I cannot find one to purchase. I am really interested in the "I Need You" song - it touched my heart strongly. My wife is preparing to run the Chicago Marathon to raise money for World Vision and I wanted to share this with her. Can I get your CD? Can you direct me to where? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. DAVID