Friday, July 18, 2008

When You Really Need the Power

In Mark, chapter 9 there is an account of Jesus healing a boy that has been tormented by a strong demon since he was very young. His father tells Jesus how hard it has been because the boy is mute and has had seizures that jeopardize his life.
The father asked the disciples to drive the spirit out, but they could not. It seems this demon is really strong, and the father desperately turns to Jesus for help. After a short dialogue, Jesus sets the boy free. His release is so violent that the people around think the boy is dead, but Jesus grabs his hand and helps him stand up.
Later, the disciples ask Jesus why they could not drive the spirit out. Here is the moment - as I am reading I am thinking, "Man, this thing was so strong Jesus had to use some special force to deal with it. It was beyond anything that anyone else could do." I am getting excited to read what this great secret power is that only Jesus had the perspective to utilize.
And in verse 29 Jesus says, "That kind of spirit can only be forced out by prayer." PRAYER! No cosmic collisions, no secret angel brigade, no magic, no incantation - just the pure power of communication with God.
If it is the strongest tool Jesus had just maybe it can be that for us!

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