Monday, August 18, 2008

Facebook Profile Pics

If you don't use FACEBOOK, just ignore this whole post.

You know how sometimes you will hit a friend from way back and then get into a whole new circle of friends that you haven't really hit before? This past week that happened to me. I got connected with a bunch of people from high school days.

The problem is I may recognize names, but can't really remember who I really knew and who I knew in name only. You know? I mean I haven't seen some of these people in 16 years! And many people are putting pictures of their kids or group shots on their profile pic, so I can't tell. Come on!

Let's all help the community. If you are FACEBOOKing, put a clear picture of yourself as your profile pic so dorks like me can make sure we know you before we ask or confirm a friend request. Save your cute pics of your kids for your picture file.

That's all I'm asking, people.


Kim said...

Amen to that suggestion!! That happened to me a few days ago!

The Jackson's said...

This post made me laugh... I have definitely made a fool of myself in these situations more than once! :) lol.

The Jackson's said...

Sorry, that last comment was from me! :)

becca said...

I'm going to change my profile pic just to confuse you.

teri said... mine...hmmmmm I am the young looking one:)