Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Give It Up (Live)


Linda said...

I was trying to write the words down as you were singing, I think I almost got it down. I'll take the song to church in the morning to see if I missed any words. DONALD YOU have such talent in singing the LORD'S words.
What an amazing way to praise the Lord, through writing about him and his works and what he can do in ones life.
What GREAT work you do for Him and touching others lives with your wonderful songs !!

Linda said...

YOU didn't sing your new song today at church so I didn't get ALL the words. I guess I will just have to keep stoppping the video on your blog to read the letters. I said the words to my sister-in-law (best friend)at 12 midnight last night (morning)and she said it sounded GREAT.
Oh, by the way, as usual yal's singing the playing was GREAT today. XOXO LINDA

Kim said...

As usual, you have found the perfect song within you to help others realize how easy it is to trust God and give things up to him. This song is my favorite so far in songs that you have written. I can not wait to see how God uses you again through worship and songwriting to touch more souls who need the Master's hand in their lives.. GREAT JOB!

Linda said...

HEY !!
I got all the words to the song, "I Give It Up".
Everytime I say them I get so excited for you. It is a wonderful song, sooo when are you going to
record it??
LINDA again

Jenni said...

Your talent is so amazing! Oftentimes, I put this in a second window as I am working so I can hear it over and over. My only disappointment is that it is not on the new CD. When are you going to record this for us? :)