Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Thanks to an amazing person named Mike - who worked a 16 hour shift today and then came to our neighborhood on his own personal time and fixed a problem that the power company would not have scheduled for several more days, even weeks. Mike is our neighborhood hero - everyone is buzzing about a guy who would give of himself after working so hard for so many days!
His generosity and willingness to give of himself even when he is at the point of exhaustion is inspiring to all of us!
Thank you Mike!


carissa... brown eyed fox said...


Keeping yall in our prayers... that Ike...
that MIKE... what a blesssing!

Of course... use the COF picture... by all means!
The actually piece might be at the church somewhere... not positive where it ended up once it was given though.

thanks! happy Thursday!

Gwen said...

Well that is very sweet of you to say. Mike would be so embarrassed! I have to say I'm a pretty proud wife myself!