Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still Powerless

Well, we are still without power at my house. Day five. Our neighborhood has thousands of homes in it and there are only 78 left without power - of course, we are one of those 78!
According to the power company, they have left working in our area, so we have fallen to the bottom of the list. If you have seen any of the pictures from Houston on TV, the amount of people without power is still well over 1 million. We do have hot water and a generator, so we are thankful. Many do not.

Please say a prayer today for all of us still dealing with Ike and its aftermath. And enjoy your power today for all of us that can't yet!


Gwen said...

You should have power now as of a few minutes ago! Allison let us know about it! I hope all is well!

Gwen said...

I forgot to say let me know if the power didn't come on. Mike knocked on your door but no one answered. He talked to Garret and Allison.

Anonymous said...

We are so thankful!