Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jeep #5


dubblewide said...

u go boi

Kim said...

Looking good Donald! We missed you guys this weekend! Hope you guys are better...see ya soon!

dubblewide said...

I do have a question though...why did you choose white for the inside of the cap? Why not just black? You have a reason I know! :)

jim lyons said...

You asked a question about what was the right gun to use to do a Basecoat/Clearcoat paint job for a metallic finish.
I apologize that it took me so long to get back to you. It looks like your doing fine with the gun you have.
But to answer your question In an ideal world I would like a 1.4 HVLP gun for base coatand a 1.3 RP (reduced pressure non hvlp for the clear)
The 1.4 HVLP gives the best color match and the 1.3(or smaller) RP lays down the clear the best.
Alas I can't afford two guns and I get by with a 1.4 HVLP for both
By far the most important thing is to match your gun to your compressor. This is about air consumption. Guns need a critical volume of air to operate correctly if you spend a lot of money on a good gun that requires 13CFM (cubic feet per minute) to operate and your compressor can only deliver 8 CFM it will not operate correctly and you will be disappointed.
With that said from the video it looks like your doing just fine
Best of luck

Anonymous said...

The inside of the top was already white. I am not sure why they are like that, but, in an attempt to restore it closely original, I kept it white.
I actually like the feel of it white when I am inside. It keeps it real open feeling.